Blessed Be, Grandfather Tree…

TJ and I walk a routine path a couple times a week, but it took us many outings until we spotted this majestic grandfather tree, hanging tough on borrowed time and pushing his exuberance through his weathered, gnarled and termite-chewed facade. In fact, we both agreed the grandfather called to us before I took his picture. We also agreed a third of the way down from the top is the grandfather’s face, peering right at the trail in search of an appreciative eye.

You be the judge, but I can tell you this was taken during sundown and the natural lighting was much lower than is presented in the shot. I used no filters and I made no adjustments. Grandfather’s vibrance shone on his own, rewarding us for taking the time to stop and acknowledge him. Blessed be, Grandfather Tree. A long life well-met.

–Ray Van Horn, Jr.

6 thoughts on “Blessed Be, Grandfather Tree…

    • Right? As soon as he had our attention, we were like, “How could we have ever missed this majestic old soul?” Other than being engaged in convo as we usually are. I’m not sure what stunned me more, Grandfather himself or the casting of light around him that I promise was not there. Either-or, he wanted us to see him and I’m glad we found him.

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