In Answer to an Age-Old Question…

For decades, fans have been polarized as to which of his dual love interests that ginger swinger, Archie Andrews, should pick, once-and-for all. In my opinion, the cad deserves neither, but for posterity purposes, which camp do you fall into?

Team Betty?

Or Team Veronica?

For me? It’s a total no-brainer.


I’m just sayin’

–Ray Van Horn, Jr.

14 thoughts on “In Answer to an Age-Old Question…

    • LOL, I’m an equal opportunity love interest man. If we click, we click, no matter hair color, race, whatever. Funny thing is that TJ looks like an older Betty when she pulls her hair into a ponytail. TJ is also Wiccan, so she qualifies as my Sabrina. THEN, I dated a girl back in 1989 who is a dead ringer for Kiernan Shipka from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina show. Uncanny.

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    • LOL, right? The comics totally reinvented Archie and Sabrina for modern tastes, so they’re still relevant, mostly from their respective t.v. shows. Fun growing up reading them, though. Sabrina was always my go-to out of the “Archie”-verse ladies.

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    • Thank you! I was given so many Archie comics as a kid as well and I kept rooting for Betty, so she would win a forced at gunpoint to pick one argument. I first saw Sabrina in the wayyyyyy old Archie cartoon back in the day seldom few remember. It was love at first ‘toon, lol! Her comics didn’t come our way too often, though. I suppose her witchiness (much friendlier than the darker comics she has now) pushed a lot of retailers away. I scarfed them when I could get my hands on them, though. I believe she and Archie did go on a date once or twice.

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