Running the Godzilla vs. Kong 10K

A quiet spell here at Roads Lesser Traveled last week due to a spike in business at work, a rush to find new digs to live for multiple reasons, first and foremost, the welfare of my son. TJ and I were successful in procuring a rental after one heartbreaking loss after another putting in contracts on houses and being undercut by shady selling agents holding their own silent buyers inside their pockets. We work in the real estate industry together aside from being mutual writers. It chaps both of our asses to rent again, but the market is just that brutal and cutthroat right now. Be prepared to go over $20K or more above an asking price if you’re going all-in, just saying.

Last week, I was also invited to write a guest post for Horror Tree which I just turned in last night. Stay tuned for my upcoming article, “From Scream Queen to Lady Badass: An Evolution of Women in Horror.”

I also made the time to get outside on a crisp Sunday morning and run the Godzilla vs. Kong virtual 10K. Mad love for Kong, always, but anyone who knows my inner and outer geek knows it was a gimme I’d run for The King of the Monsters. #TeamGodzilla all the way! My running time was 1:06:23, meh, but it was a much-needed purging of all the penned-up angst from the past month.

Cheers, my friends…

–Ray Van Horn, Jr.

3 thoughts on “Running the Godzilla vs. Kong 10K

    • The trail system I use is a minute drop from our place. I’ll miss them when we move, but I’ll be rolling on other trails, no problem there! Upstate New York is SOOOOO beautiful. I’ve done a lot of there, except for hiking and trail running. I need to remedy that.


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