Next Chapter Begins Now…

So I’ve been a bit incognito of late as we have completed our move and life now reboots in new digs. Downsized, but with a far more controlled environment. While everything’s still brand new, thus far, everyone, including our kitties, has felt a sense of calm we haven’t enjoyed in more than a year.

Being broken into three times and robbed was at the forefront of our decision to relocate. That, plus a four-level townhouse nobody really felt at home in with its awkward spacing and climate control issues. Really, the only thing I will miss is my office and direct access to trails TJ and I hiked and I trained for Spartan and DEKA events on. I now share an office with my bride-to-be and we’ve made it work. Our mutual creative space will flourish with our combined energies and auras, so mote it be.

Sometimes you do what’s not only best, but what’s right, the primary reason being for my son who needed a safer community with which to grow. With luck and persistence, we hope to see him reach his goals as much as our own. As my Mom, a diehard Baltimore Ravens fan, has always said, sometimes you’ve gotta step back and punt.

So punt we have, and both TJ and I are ready to resume our writing and creative missions to reclaim what has been lost through a year of turbulence. Our sparks have been restoked and I was invited to submit stories at two magazines. Fingers crossed for good fortune on those submissions, while TJ plows forward with an oracle card deck as companion to her book, The Healthy Witch.

Our view outside has been rather spectacular, considering TJ gave me a telescope last Christmas. Fact, I will be putting it to great use in the upcoming months. If you look close enough below, you can see Venus and part of the Little Dipper constellation. We sighed in unison last night beneath the stars, sipping on Jameson in celebration from a bottle I held until our move was completed. We ground out our move and set up the new place in two weeks, the finest display of our partnership. Sometimes the best sips are those hardest earned.

Thank you all for your support of this blog. I will be seeing you all at your hubs once again…

–Ray Van Horn, Jr.

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