In a Parallel Universe of the Internet’s Design, There Was Once Cyber Age Adventures…

Before superheroes hijacked mainstream pop culture, I got involved as a writer with Cyber Age Adventures from 1999 to 2001. CAA was then an online hub of creator-owned superhero fiction and I had the pleasure of working the likes of Frank Fradella, Jade Walker, Sean Taylor, Justin V. Gray, Pete Lombardo and so many other talented writers and artists whose names make me smile to recall.

Those were primitive times for the internet, and yet it was my privilege to shuttle about 15 stories in serialized fiction form to our faithful readers. Many of these were collected in the fourth Cyber Age Adventures paperback compilation, “Playing Solitaire.” I’d enjoyed a strong following to my “Kyoto Bushido” epic and my other original characters like Revolutionary and Emerald Fox. It’s been a hoot to look back at my work from this period, and after I put other projects to rest, I believe a 23 year catch-up with Revolutionary in particular will be in order…

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